What to expect as a new client?
One-on-one sessions for one hour, possibly longer if multiple body parts. I will conduct a detailed history including your goals and reason for seeking care. The assessment consists of a posture exam, functional movements and isolating areas to further explore, muscular imbalances. We work in collaboration towards a plan to achieve a goal.

Do you accept insurance?
We are a fee for service practice and accept various forms of payment: credit cards, cash, PayPal and Venmo. We provide a client-centered focus without insurance dictating care.

How much of my therapy is spent with you?
You will work entirely one-on-one with me during your session.

Once my pain in under control, can I still continue under your care?
Yes, just as you monitor other facets of your health, maintaining an optimal level of body movement without pain will keep you active and promote wellness. As a partner in your wellness goals, I can schedule follow-up visits for reassessments and other needs at intervals most comfortable for you.

I don’t have pain. Can I still see you?
Yes, clients often request periodic check-ins as maintenance.